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To diagnose the root cause of ailments to achieve effective cure for some and reverse progression in others to achieve optimum health and well being for our patients.


Our strength is based on longstanding academic research, scientific and clinical publications coupled with international collaborations with reputable Viva-Mayr (Mayr modern medicine) of Austria, Piroche company in Italy, the bio-identical Sabre Sciences Laboratory, and Nutrivital Bioenergetics. We have combined all these modern technologies and customized them for the African environment in order to provide an outstanding, cutting edge, reliable and reputable holistic healthcare and medical spa.

Prof. Oladapo A Ashiru

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  • Honestly Prof, despite the reality I am passing through presently over my wife ” pregnancy Bruhaha” , I can not just close my eyes with what I saw in the Mart — Life Detox clinic when we were taken round the small London settings by a Nurse.I can only compared it to the Detox clinic i attended two years ago in Manchester — UK for comprehensive Detox examinations.I was personally marvel with the Detox settings.Infact is a world class standard.Awesome I will say.Me and my friends will take advantage of this state of the Art facility for comprehensive bioenergetic examinations.Mart — Life Detox clinic is a small London, a world class standard and indeed a place to be.

    Kudos Prof. and congratulations to you sir…!!!

    ===> Engr. F. E. , Sagamu.

  • Dear Dr Adeyi,


    Thank you for your mail and the attached discharge summary.

    On behalf of my wife and I, let me thank you and the entire team at Martlife for your professionalism and  making our stay very enjoyable and rewarding.
    Let me particularly thank Prof. Ashiru for finding time within his busy schedule to have a one on one session with us on life style changes and Mrs Ashiru on nutrition. The knowledge we gained in those two sessions will definitely stand us in good stead.
    While looking forward to our next visit, please accept our best wishes.

    Christopher Ojo

    Discharge summary from Mart-Life
  • When our daughter was about 18 months old, we observed that her development was not coming along as expected.  She wasn’t making proper eye contact and often seemed to be in a world of her own. It seemed she had become almost totally oblivious of the world around her, sometimes even staring blankly into space for prolonged periods. Her speech development had also regressed.

    By the age of two, it became obvious that there was a problem, so we started her on speech therapy. The therapist recommended a change of diet and provided us with clear guidelines which included the elimination of sugar, dairy, gluten and many processed foods from her diet combined with taking some food supplements.

    However, after almost two and a half years, we discontinued speech therapy due to the unsatisfactory progress made. By this time, she had started showing self-stimulatory behavior, hyperactivity, short attention span, severe echolalia combined with using a lot of babbling for language.

    We consulted with pediatricians, including a pediatric neurologist and diagnoses ranged from ADHD to Autism, to Social Communication Disorder. At some point, we were even told by one of the doctors that nothing was wrong with her.

    In the course of our research to find a solution, we found out about detoxification. In simple terms, detoxification is the process of removing toxins from the body. Even though this is ordinarily a natural body function, there are factors that can impair the body’s natural ability to detoxify, leading to toxin overload. This could manifest in many ways such as impaired cognitive, motor and language skills, excessive sinus problems, digestive issues like constipation, bloating, gas, diarrhea, heartburn or indigestion, convulsions, difficulty concentrating, brain fog, to mention a few. Heavy metal toxicity has been implicated as a contributory factor to developmental delays in children. When we learnt about detoxification and its benefits, we still had no idea where we could find professional help locally.

    This was until we found out about Mart- Life Detox Clinic.

    Mart-Life Detox Clinic is patterned after Modern Mayr Medicine, combining both conventional and the Mayr principles of detoxification. Their programs provide each patient with individual diagnoses and analysis with the use of bioenergetic testing.

    On our first visit, she underwent the bioenergetic test and amongst other things,, the test detected multiple food allergies and Lyme disease signatures. The doctors and nutritionist designed a treatment plan for her based on her medical history and test results and, about a week after the completion of the initial round of treatments, we began to observe tremendous improvement in her speech.

    Detoxification has turned out to be a huge leap forward for us in this journey; a significant piece of the  puzzle and we are grateful to God for this. As someone said, this is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. We can sincerely say that we are well on our way.

  • I am really impressed by your services and clean environment you have. Your clinic is tastefully furnished. I also appreciate that. I will not think twice to recommend this clinic to anyone.

    Mrs. S. A.
  • This clinic is unique. I will recommend it to very many people in Benin City. Mrs. Ashiru is instrumental to the progress of this clinic because of her good charisma. All the workers are well committed to their jobs. Previous illness: Hypertension, arthritis. Present complaints: hypertension under control, pain of arthritis under control too.

    Mrs. C. A. E.
  • The staff are very professional and polite at all times. Had a very relaxing and exiting experience and feel totally well.

    Mrs. R. O.
  • It is really a swell time being here, I will surely come again. Thank you for this great facility but kindly publize yourself more. Thank you and God Bless.

    Mrs. A. A.

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