Case – Mr. B.O.

Mr B.O. is a 39 year old hypertensive/diabetic with poor drug compliance. He presented to our clinic mainly on account of his abdominal obesity. History revealed heavy daily alcohol ingestion and cigarette smoking. He was examined and found to have mild hypertension and an enlarged liver. His bioenergetics testing showed he had a number of food sensitivities and environmental toxins which were undermining his general health.

Mr B.O. was started on Mayr therapy, reviewed medications and orthomolecular supplements. His new diet took his food sensitivities into cognizance and physical exercise was inculcated into his lifestyle. By the 3rd day in the clinic, Mr B.O. was more alert, there was a healthy glow to his skin and his blood pressure and blood sugar were both under control. He continued his therapies and diet until check-out 4 days later.

The following is an excerpt from the email Mr B.O. sent to the clinic two weeks after he checked out:

“When I entered that compound that fateful day, last Friday, I wondered how that place would help me reduce my tummy. And decided to give it a try. And when I met Dr Adeyi, I thought the lady was so young. Wanted to see an old man, long time doctor with grey hair and beards, but decided to have an open mind. And that paid off all the way. Gradually my eyes saw wonders and I can testify that you guys are the best things that have happened to me in a very long time. I most sincerely appreciate the sincerity in the eyes of both of you. As the reality of all that is wrong with my body was exposed and dawned on me, I humbled. Kept on waiting for 10am when I would consult the doctor. This morning took a very long time to come. Kept wondering which doctor would give me final consultation. Is it Adeyi’s probing eyes (that seem to look at me with so much compassion) or Fashina’s eyes that treat me as a mother treats a stubborn little child. I so enjoyed speaking with both of you. And testify to the wonders you did to my body and my conscience.”