Case – Mrs. O.F.

Mrs. O.F. is a 71-year old hypertensive with inability to use both legs due to chronic arthritis of the knees. He had surgery for right knee septic arthritis four months before presenting to our clinic and had been on hospital admission the whole time. She was also on three anti-hypertensive medications which were barely keeping her high blood pressure under control.

On examination at Mart-Life Detox clinic, Mrs O.F. was found to be morbidly obese with a weight of 122kg, moved around in a wheel chair (being unable to walk or even stand unsupported) and had a blood pressure of 160/100mmHg. She was in obvious physical and emotional distress. She was started on Mayr nutrition following bioenergetic testing, had daily abdominal treatments, physiotherm sessions, electrolysis foot detox and daily physiotherapy. She also received the support of orthomolecular supplements throughout her treatment.

Mrs O.F. was in the clinic for 4 weeks, at the end of which she was able to walk again with only a walking stick for support. On discharge, she weighed 100kg and had a healthy blood pressure of 120/76mmHg on just one anti-hypertensive medication. At her follow up visit 2 months later, Mrs O.F. walked straight with only the slight aid of a fancy walking stick, looked 15 years younger and weighed 75kg which she maintains till date.