Case – Mrs. R.O.

Mrs R.O., a 40 year old professional walked into Mart-Life Detox clinic, needing to be revitalised and rejuvenated. Though she had no known medical condition, she complained of stress, easy fatiguability, chronic constipation associated with easy satiety and bloating. She was checked into our facility and on initial consultation with the doctor, her bioenergetic test revealed various allergies with affectations of her skin, eyes and sinuses, all which she admitted to experiencing symptoms of.

All of her immune organs – spleen, thymus, lymphatics – were also stressed. Her gastrointestinal tract was unhealthy owing to the diet she had grown accustomed to. The cause of her discomfort were now obvious. It was surprising to her that her environmental sensitivities scan showed heavy metal burden with Antimony being in the most severe spectrum; but others like lead and tin also being implicated. Many of the things hazardous to us in the environment we cannot change but we can ensure we limit our exposure to them and subsequently downplay their effect on us, she was told.

Thankfully, the bioenergetics Asyra test helped in detecting the cause of all her discomfort before there was irreversible damage. These are symptoms that would have been treated with medications without the root cause being explored. At our detox clinic, she underwent the whole process of ridding her body systems of all heavy metals with our therapies, healthy meals and other processes.

A couple of days with us saw Mrs R.O feeling revitalised, rejuvenated, energised and all symptoms abated. Three months later, she was found to be pregnant with twins, a very welcome development.