Reversing Diabetes with Detoxification

Reversing Diabetes with Detoxification by Idowu Ashiru

Mrs. Sodende came to MART-Life Detox Clinic. She was a young woman in her late thirties. The clinic had been opened for about two weeks. She actually only stopped by out of curiosity as she saw the sign while driving past as she lived nearby. I told the staff to show her around and then consulted with her. She was very enthusiastic about everything she saw and what we had to offer at the clinic. She first spoke to me about herself and said she would love to come in for a weight loss program since she was slightly overweight. She then talked to me about her husband. She also wanted him to come in for treatment as he had a heart problem which was being treated with conventional medicine. Finally she spoke of her mother who is a 71 year old woman and is diabetic. She informed me that she is a bit worried about her as she was beginning to lose weight. I asked if her mother was passing a lot of urine and she answered in the affirmative. I told her that the diabetes was becoming serious and needed immediate attention. She promised that she would bring her mother to the clinic the next day. But she never came.

Four weeks later, a car drove into the clinic premises with great urgency and Mrs. Sodende rushed out in a state of panic. Her mother was in the car in a hypoglycemic coma and Mrs. Sodende wanted her to come in for emergency admission. We brought the aged lady out of the car and gave her a drip of 10% dextrose to stabilize her. I explained to her that we can only stabilize her as we are not equipped for emergency diabetic care for which she had to go to a conventional hospital. Our approach to medical care was preventive in the first instance using changes in lifestyle, nutrition, environmental and body detoxification to effect lasting cure. We recommended that Mrs. Sodende take her mother to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital in Ikeja for further stabilization after which she could come back to MART-Life Detox Clinic. After about two weeks, Mrs. Sodende called me to tell me her mother had been stabilized and could she come in for a 10 day detox program at MART-Life? I said sure, she should come right over.

Mama as we called her was still very weak and needed a lot of physical support from the medical staff to move around when she checked into the clinic. We did the Assyra test for her. All her food intolerances and allergies were diagnosed. They not surprisingly included a heavy carbohydrate load such as ice cream, caffeinated drinks, sugar in various forms, and artificial sweeteners.  More challenging, her food intolerances also included the major complex carbohydrate groups such as yam, rice, corn, wheat, and even beans. These food intolerances had weakened her bladder hence her frequent urination and loss of weight and her Eustachian tube leading to a slight loss of hearing. Her hypothalamus gland was also weakened causing her difficulty in sleeping. There ws severe damage to the pancreas leading to blood sugar imbalance hence the diabetes. She also had stressed, inflamed and infected reproductive organs. She had stressed small intestine which didn’t allow her food to be properly absorbed hence she was becoming malnourished which was making the diabetes worse. They had also severely damaged her colon leading to irritable bowel disease and thyroid gland which was leading to overall tiredness, poor metabolism and constipation.

Her environmental toxin test also showed some problems. She had been intoxicated with the following heavy metals: cobalt, beryllium and cadmium among other chemical substances and materials and elements. The result also showed there was an overload of microwave in her system. Her initial consultation with the doctors showed she had random low blood sugar of less than 3mmol/1 instead of the ideal 11.1mmol/1. Her blood pressure was 140/60 in spite of being on several blood pressure medications. We drew up a customized diet menu for mama to take into account all her food allergies and intolerances keeping in mind that she was diabetic and that her organ damages had led to her being malnourished even though she was eating large amounts of food. Part of our treatment is strict adherence to the circadian rhythm. This is the body’s natural clock. All patients must come down to the dining room to eat breakfast between 7:30am and 8:30am. Lunch is served between 12 noon and 1:30pm and dinner from 6pm to 8pm. We advise them to be in bed ready to sleep by 10pm. getting the patients back on this natural rhythm is an essential part of the healing process that allows the body to heal itself naturally.

Mama was also put through our detox programs of daily Abdominal Treatments, Electrolysis Foot Bath, Colon Irrigation, Infra Red Cabin, Scenar Treatment, Nasal Detox and our various therapeutic massages by our physiotherapists. After only a few days, mama was walking about freely without assistance from our medical staff. We also gave her a cooking lesson to show her how to cook Nigerian food in a non toxic way. Her 10 day detox program over, her fasting blood sugar was normalized at 4mmol/1 and her blood pressure was 110/70. We discharged her but urged her to get her family involved in helping her maintain the new health promoting lifestyle we had taught her.


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