Prof. Oladapo Ashiru Chief Medical Director
Professor Oladapo Ashiru has MB.BS from the University of Lagos, MS and Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. One of the significant contributions of Prof. Ashiru in the field of reproductive endocrinology is in the elucidation of mechanisms controlling pituitary gonadotropins (FSH) release.He showed that exogenous FSH has a positive feedback on the release of endogenous FSH. That is the basic science behind the use of exogenous gonadotropins (Pergonal, Metrodin and others) for extra follicular development, in infertility management and IVF cycles. Currently his area of research is in embryo culture techniques and implantation failure. He pioneered the IVF program in Nigeria in 1984 and his team successfully delivered the first test tube baby in Africa in 1986. He has over twenty five years in the management of difficult cases of infertility, twenty eight years experience in IVF and fifteen years experience with ICSI and new assisted reproduction technologies He was appointed Consultant reproductive Endocrinologist to Lagos University Teaching Hospital in 1980 and Professor of Anatomy in 1983, making him the youngest appointed professor of medicine in Nigeria at the age of thirty two. He was Reproductive Endocrinologist in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Omaha in 1978. He obtained a joint appointment with the departments of Anatomy and Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) at Professorial level. He established two IVF programs for the University in 1996 and became the pioneer director of the University based IVF program at Chicago in 1996. It is currently one of the best IVF centres in the US. He has established collaborations with several infertility centres internationally. Professor Ashiru obtained the licentiate of the American Board of Bioanalysis in High Complexity Laboratory Director HCLD (ABB) in 1997. (The American regulatory and licensing body for assisted reproduction technologies). Prof Ashiru through the OARS Foundation has devoted the last couple of years in preventive measures on infertility and anti-aging measures, through seminars, newspaper column contributions, and the publication of the Reproductive Health Magazine. He has undergone training in the Modern Mayr Medicine and is board certified in Austria. He is the author of Want a Baby, a book on the causes, management and treatment of infertility
Mrs. Idowu Ashiru Managing Director
Mrs. Idowu Ashiru BSc. Mass Comm. MBA. Diploma in Technical Writing is the Managing Director of Mart Life Detox Clinic and its new addition The Mart Life Wellness and Anti Aging  Day Spa. A global traveller she is committed to bring international standards to health delivery not only to Mart life but also to the Mart Group of Health Services where she is the Administrative Director. As the  Nutritionist in Mart Life she was trained by Mrs. Fisher the head chef in Viva Mayr in the principles of healthy Mayr nutrition and Mayr cuisine . Mrs Ashiru has not only by extension trained her own kitchen staff,  but has also been able to adapt the Mayr nutritional principles to Nigerian cuisine and the unique  Nigerian lifestyle to customize it for the clinic's patients
Dr. Tinuke Adeyi Medical Doctor
Dr. Tinuke Adeyi is a medical doctor who received her M.B.Ch.B. from the Obafemi Awolowo University in 2010. She thereafter interned at the Federal Medical Center, Ebute Metta, Lagos state, where she first put her medical training into practice, developing a keen interest in preventive medicine. She joined the MART group in Jan, 2015 and now works at the Mart-Life Detox Clinic, inculcating the principles and philosophies of Dr F.X. Mayr into modern clinical practice. She has undergone training in Modern Mayr Medicine under the tutelage of one of its foremost proponents in the world, Dr Harald Stossier; at the VivaMayr center in Maria Worth, Austria. Dr Adeyi received the Mart-Life Detox Clinic Employee of the Year award in recognition of her dedication.
Kehinde Osewa Physiotherapist
Kehinde Osewa, a Physiotherapy graduate of College of Medicine University of Lagos 2009, served as an Intern and a Corp member at University of Abuja Teaching Hospital 2010, and Lagos University Teaching Hospital respectively 2011 respectively. She joined Mart-Life Detox Clinic as one of the pioneer staff in 2012 whose team has been able to make a success out of the great medical facility. She further obtained a Master's degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Lagos in 2015 Kehinde also trained on Bioenergetic treatments at the Piroche center in Merano, Italy in order to maximally and effectively meet patients' wellness and productivity needs. She is a highly productive person in the field of her profession, hardworking, resourceful and innovative. She is well respected as both a person and a professional by colleagues and patients. These attributes have earned her the best Corp member of the department of Physiotherapy LUTH 2012, and the most Pro-active staff of Mart-Life Detox Clinic 2015.
Nonyelum Umeugochukwu Registered Nurse
Nonyelum Umeugochukwu RN, RM graduated as a Registered Nurse from School of Nursing, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi in 2010. She also obtained her certification and licensing as a Registered Midwife from School of Post-Basic Midwifery, Enugu State University Teaching Hospital, Enugu in 2013. She joined Mart Life Detox Clinic in 2013 as a detox nurse. She is one of the certified colon hydrotherapists of the clinic. She recently obtained training in Bioenergetic Wellness Treatments at the Piroche Center in Merano, Italy. She works efficiently with other health professionals in the management of clients for general body detoxification and other health issues. She is committed to her work, upholding the great medical standards of Mart-life Detox Clinic to the benefit of all clients and patients.
Abiodun Adedokun Head Chef
Abiodun Adedokun is the head chef of Mart-Life Detox Clinic. He is an indigene of Oyo State. He has a Diploma in Catering and Hotel Management from Dof Institute of Catering and Hotel Management, Lagos. Abiodun is a world-class cook, as attested to by the many clients and patients who have been treated to his exceptional culinary skills during their stay at the clinic. Abiodun is versed in the Mayr protocols of nutritive meal preparation, and has evolved meal preparation into an art form. Hygiene and a flare for order and tidiness are attributes that have served him well in his role as a master chef at the Mart-Life kitchen. Abiodun is cool headed, easy going and very hard working. He received the 2015 Mart-Life award for the Most Innovative Staff of the year.
Titilayo Olaide Assistant Chef
Titilayo Olaide has a Diploma in Catering and Hotel Management from Victory Institute, Ikeja, Lagos State. She also has a Certificate of Competence in Catering and Hotel Management from National Business and Technical Educational Board (NABTEB). Titilayo is the assistant chef of the Mart-Life Detox Clinic, helping to maintain the health and vitality of clients and patients through the preparation of healthy, nutritive meals in line with Mayr protocols.