Mayr Modern Medicine
Scientific knowledge is beginning to recognize that toxins in our bodies are the root cause of many modern day ailments like cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, infertility and others. Such toxins are heavy metals, parasites such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoas and other pathogens, food allergies and food intolerances. These toxins are in the environment, the food we eat, the water we drink or bath with and the drinks we consume.

These toxins and pathogens attack various organ systems in the body to cause organ damage and organ failure. At Mart Life Detox Clinic our ultra-modern bio energetic testing is able to detect the presence of these toxins.  Our other detox technologies are able to eliminate them thereby giving our patients significant curative relief from their ailments. Modern Mayr medicine which we practice at Mart Life Detox Clinic recognizes that once these toxins are eliminated the stress on the organs are removed and the organ can thereby be regenerated.

Our Bio-energetic testing is able to detect illnesses several months before they occur and give preventive remedies. it is therefore important to undergo such testing on an annual basis to remove potential illnesses. According to Dr Mayr who was an Austrian physician who lived one hundred years ago, there is no one who is so healthy that will not benefit, feel better, more energized and youthful after a Mayr (detoxing) therapy.

90 percent of our patients are overweight. Is the excess weight causing their ailment or their ailment causing the excess weight? Whichever is the case weight loss is a welcome side effect for our patient who undergo our therapies. Our bio energetic test is able to identify the food intolerance and food allergies which is unique to each individual. This enables us to put each of our patients on a customized diet leading to significant weight loss. Because eating food one is intolerant or allergic to can lead to bloating, water retention and poor digestion leading to weight gain.

To further enhance our weight loss program, we have partnered with Piroche Cosmetics of Italy to add new weight loss and beauty technologies to Mart Life Detox Clinic to deepen our patients’ wellness experience. By this   we have spawned the Mart Life Wellness, Anti-aging and Day Spa a welcome expansion to our core detox clinic.

Detoxing is not only for overweight people however. It is important to understand that losing weight is not the same as detoxing. Just because one is slim does not mean one is not full of toxins which can lead to organ damage. Such toxins need to be removed to effect a cure for slim people. Our sophisticated medical diagnostic clinic is housed in a modern five-star hotel with state-of-the-art facilities to achieve individual and customized health, excellent wellbeing, anti-aging and beauty therapies.

What is Modern Mayr medicine?
To assess your health status comprehensively, our Mart Life Detox Clinic employs bioenergetics and applied kinesiology. While conventional medical examinations detect serious diseases and “pathologies“, they do not register more subtle, but no less damaging disturbances.

The Mayr Medicine was discovered by Dr. F.X. Mayr an Austrian physician who used dietary means and various body detoxification methods through body cleansing to treat his patients who suffered from various lifestyle deceases like high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, cancers and others to assist them achieve a healthy state of well-being and cure.

What is Nutrivital Health?
Nutrivital Health is committed to enabling higher levels of clinical success in the world of natural healthcare through its innovative and highest quality products developed through focused knowledge, research and technology. When you come to Mart Life Detox Clinic, we show you how to manage your health and we treat the root cause of health issues using a variety of therapies including:

  • Energy Medicine: is our specialty and we apply two innovative technologies to create more rapid results for our clients:
  • Bioenergetic screening: giving remarkable insights into the hidden aspects of health issues, scanning over 40 organs and systems of the body which enables us to develop a completely individual path to your healing.
  • Scenar treatment: stimulating the nervous system to re-energize and heal the whole body, particularly effective for pain conditions.
  • Nutrivital/Orthomoleular supplements: Experience has shown that it is useful and indeed necessary for you to include minerals, trace elements and vitamins – depending on your individual needs – in your Mayr diet.

During your Modern Mayr Therapy at the Mar Life Detox Clinic we may recommend a laboratory examination or extended Bioenergetic testing or give you a muscle test examination based on the principles of Applied Kinesiology, in order to determine your individual requirements.

What is Saber sciences?
Sabre sciences of California make use of bioidentical products from plants extracted into creams to replace defective hormones in the body thereby releasing the liver from the process of metabolization as would be necessary in oral administration of drugs.

Mart-Life Piroche Wellness, Anti-aging and Beauty Unit
Our Martlife-Piroche center in collaboration with The Piroche group in Italy offers sensational beauty treatments in its unit. Particularly during the detox, astounding results can be obtained with the natural products from the Piroche cosmetics line – comprising several different algae and healing muds. From wrinkle reduction to breaking down stubborn cellulitis.

We also make use of advanced equipment using Radiofrequency, Ultrasonic energy and cupping technology which act as non-invasive “plastic surgery” to repair wrinkles, facial droppings, stubborn cellulitis and stomach bumps and sagging bellies, as well as weight loss and drainage of the lymphatic system. Other technologies mimic the action of acupuncture and Shiatsu to remove energy blockages in the organs to effect a cure.

Mart-Life Avantgarde Massage
The highly sophisticated machines make use of high pressure automatic massage tub to improve general body circulation and achieve great heath and weight loss. We also use the dry floatation system for body wraps to enhance circulation, oxygenation and the draining actions of the applied cosmetics.

As part of the new Avantgarde line the massage tub perfectly fits into medical spas and therapeutic facilities with highest standards of treatment quality and design. The tub features a multitude of fully automatic underwater massage programs and is thus the global standard for massage treatments par excellence: 260 water nozzles, 50 air nozzles and 150 light spots in eight changing colours allow for a broad treatment range running from individual intensive massages to your personal indulgence programme.

The massage programme starts with the effleurage, a soft stroking of muscles and connective tissue. During the following underwater massage 20 zones of the body (arranged in 10 groups) from the soles of the feet up to the shoulders will be treated. By being specifically designed for the human body, treatments in the massage tub of the Avantgarde line guarantee an excellent deep-acting effect for both the body and mind.

Whole Body Training
Plate One -Movement Training. The Power Plate was developed by the Russian space program to enable their astronauts to exercise in space.

How Power Training Works
When you exercise with Plate One, the high speed (frequency) and vertical lift (amplitude) of the plate causes vibrations to be transmitted through the body. The body is subjected to energy amounting to several times its own weight, and between 1,800 and 3000 reflexes are triggered per minute. This causes the muscles to contract and leads to the desired rapid exercising effect.

Plate One is able to stimulate approximately 97% of all the body’s muscles, compared with only 40% with conventional training. It even reaches deeply positioned muscles that are difficult to reach, and strengthens the spinal column, and other parts of the body. Mart Life Detox Clinic and The Wellness, Anti-aging Day Spa has thus combined the best technologies from all over the world and customized them to make Mart Life a unique African experience of global standards.