Hand massage with trained therapists 60mins, N10,000

Lymphdrainer with Bioaroma (whole body) – 85mins, N60,000 

Essential oils and active natural substances combined with suction cups of Piroche Lymphdrainer effectively drain the tissues of fat and water, stimulate metabolism.

Ultrasonic X-Cell– whole body 55mins, N40,500

The revolutionary latest technology, which uses low frequency ultrasound waves to destroy fat cells, helps you slim down in shorter time.

Diamix: Natural Body Contouring Treatments without Cosmetic Surgery – 85mins,  N80,000
Enhances plasticity of tissues giving a sculptured profile. The action of Diamix encourages increased oxygen and blood flow to tissues thereby improving microcirculation, stimulating tissue drainage, detoxification, toning and smoothing of the tissues. It stimulates energy through muscle – tendon meridians, low skin resistance points of acupuncture sites further improving aesthetic results. Hence it is recommended for the treatment of deep cellulite.

  • Firms and tones sagging skin ideal on the stomach giving a tummy tuck effect. Recommended for post-delivery
  • Treatment for cellulite blemishes
  • Aids draining treatments and water retention
  • Excellent support for slimming and weight loss treatment
  • Promotes good circulation
  • Relaxing effect on muscles and tissues

With Avant-garde Flotation System 
The floatation calms and relaxes the body, increases blood circulation and opens the pores of the skin, which enhances the efficiency of the body wraps.


Body Wrap is a beauty treatment that combines an effective concentration of essential oils and the moderate compression of bandages to encourage draining and figure molding and to treat cellulite blemishes and fat build up in tissues.

BODY SCRUB – 20mins, N15,000

For an extraordinary silky skin, a pleasant massage with scrub cream, with micro particles help to eliminate dead skin and regeneration of the skin. This treatment is ideal in the preparation for other treatments.

EMPLATRES D’ALGUES – 50mins, N18,000

Seaweed is an elixir that contains mineral substances, micronutrients and vitamins. They moisturize the skin, activate the metabolism, purify and drain the body. The secret of Piroche cosmetic poultices: the composition of precious seaweed from Brittany and white clay endows the skin with wellness and beauty that merges with the combined action of essential oil blends to intensively affect both body and mind.

In consultation with the therapist together you will decide your customized needs and select the appropriate sea weed pack to achieve the following results:

  • Release of muscle and tissue tension
  • Toning and refreshing of breasts and legs
  • Treatment of cellulite blemishes
  • Re-mineralize, purify and nourish the tissues with gravestone oil. (foundation for bio -aroma treatments) Sea weed treatments

CLAY BODY MASKS – 50mins, N14,000

In consultation with the therapist together you will decide your customized needs and select the appropriate clay body mask to achieve the following results:

  • Cydonia Purifying Body Mask- purify, cleanse and regulate sebum
  • Tilia Firming Body Mask- firming, toning and restoring electrolyte balance
  • Rosa Sensitive Body Mask-protecting, soothing and restoring skin balance
  • Vulcanus Nutritive Body Mask-moisturizing , soothing irritated skin