Cancer management



Cancer is one of the most devastating diagnoses a person can receive. Its negative impacts on the body are often multi-systemic and ravaging. Even the best treatment options in the world tend to have a highly toxic effect on the body’s healthy cells and immune system. Globally, cancer incidence has witnessed a general rise over the past century, owing partly to improved diagnostic tools. Cancer has become the second leading cause of death, surpassed only by cardiovascular diseases, in developed countries. In developing counties such as Nigeria, it is one of the 3 leading causes of death.

We now know that many factors affect the development of cancer in individuals, including genetic vulnerability. Several studies have shown that up to 70% of all cancers can be linked to environmental factors, dietary habits, chronic stress and other lifestyle factors and pathogens.

Accumulation of toxins from food consumed, bad eating habits, and the intensely polluted environment as well as radiation and technological emissions have all been linked to distruption cell control leading to possible cancer formation. LMartlife Detox Clinic is equipped with technologies to remove such toxins.

Whatever its cause, cancer occurs when abnormal cells divide without the usual regulatory control normally present in the human body. The resulting growths from such uncontrolled cellular division soon exceed normal boundaries and begin to invade and destroy nearby normal body tissues.

Cancers have the potential to, and do spread to other parts of the body . This can occur when cancerous cells are carried by blood and/or the lymphatic vessels to other parts of the body. This is called a metastasis. Benign tumors are often differentiated from cancerous growths by this characteristic, as they do not spread to other parts of the body and are not usually life-threatening.


Cancer treatment has seen a lot of development over decades as scientific knowledge increased. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immunotherapy are the mainstay of treatment for most cancers today. Survival rate, determined as the ability of the cancer survivor to stay cancer-free for 5 years after treatment, has seen a global rise in the past 50 years, particularly in developed nations. Still, morbidity and mortality figures remain high.

Cancer treatments are aimed at poisoning and killing the cancerous cells but the treatment often takes a toll on the healthy cells of the body as well. These effects can be quite draining on the physical, mental, emotional and psychological state of the patient, often leading to the development of other health conditions.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. For cancer, prevention is not just better; it is wiser and less expensive in the long run than the other option, which is to seek cure once cancer has set in.

Mayr detoxification therapy at Mart-Life Detox Clinic is designed to help identify risks and potential for cancer development, as well as provide the body with appropriate nutritional and therapeutic resources for maximising normal physiology following cancer treatments. Once risks have been established, preventive protocols are put in place, beginning with a bioenergetics test. This test offers a wealth of information, including the different toxins the body is grappling with, pathogens that may be contributing to ill health, hormonal imbalances and food sensitivities/ intolerances. Thereafter, dietary modifications are made on account of the information now available and meals customised to suit individual needs and offer the best of customised nutrition. The programme also contains personalized exercise regimen, oxygen therapies and use of various medical equipment by trained professionals to reduce the environmental toxic load of the individual, while optimizing the body’s excretory functions. In cases where a cancer diagnosis has already been made (usually at advanced stages in Nigeria) and patients have undergone chemotherapy and/or surgery, it is advisable to undergo a Mayr detoxification programme afterwards in order to help the body regain normal physiology, get rid of as much toxic load as possible that were acquired from cancer treatments; and strengthen the immune system which naturally protects the human body.