Colon hydrotherapy involves a comprehensive cleansing of the large intestine with double pressurized, temperature regulated, and ultra-violet treated water.

The colon is also known as the large intestine. The large intestine is the end point of the digestive system where absorption of water takes place and the rest of the digested food eliminated as feces.  This organ measures approximately 1.5m in length and has the tendency of storing a large amount of waste. Blood from the colon is drained by the portal vein which empties into the liver for detoxification, and then flows into the heart for circulation to different parts of the body.

Improper emptying of the colon due to irregular bowel movement, insufficient water intake, and any colon related health issues, leads to stacking up of undigested foods, constipated/impacted stool, toxins, gases e.t.c.

Loading the large intestine with undigested foods and other waste products can generate large amount of toxins which then adversely affect the whole body systems. When the portal vein drains the colon of deoxygenated blood, it carries both nutrients and toxins from the colon to the liver for detoxification, and then back into the heart for circulation to all parts of the body.  Thus, any injury or stress on the colon can affect the entire body, hence the colon should regularly be cleared of any waste products for optimum health.

Colon hydrotherapy is very beneficial to health as it ensures thorough cleansing of the large intestine to get rid of long-standing faeces, bloatedness from excessive intestinal gases, and other related discomfort. Clearing colon congestion through colon hydrotherapy not only removes old long forgotten waste, but helps prevent ailments that originate from the colon such as haemorrhoids, colon cancer, and development of polyps. Several sessions of this therapy could be done to achieve complete emptying of the large intestine.

At MartLife Detox Clinic, we render expert colon cleansing by medical professionals as one of the basic principles of detoxification.


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