Many Nigerians now have big bloated stomachs and wonder why because they imagine they are eating healthy? One of the causes is replacing our traditional swallow of eba and amala with wheat thinking it has fewer carbohydrates. . Unfortunately many people are gluten intolerant and can therefore not digest gluten. Gluten is a protein present in many processed food, it is found in wheat, barley and rye.

Glutens affect the body in several ways but most importantly it acts by creating inflammation that damages the intestinal lining preventing absorption of important nutrients and leading to medical complications. Many people display the symptoms and usually link it to several other conditions, unknown to them is the content of their meals. It can be so severe it can cause an autoimmune disorder which means your body starts attacking itself instead of protecting itself and that’s called celiac disease.

You might experience symptoms such as

• Diarrhea alternating with constipation and foul smelling feces as the intestinal lining are damaged and there is poor nutrient absorption resulting in significant digestive discomfort.

• Bloating- a feeling of swollen belly.

• Abdominal pain which is colicky in nature and very uncomfortable.

• Headaches- it’s been shown that gluten intolerant individuals seem to be more prone to migraine and headaches than healthy people

• Fatigue due to food malabsorption which can predispose to iron deficiency and lead to  lack of energy and being easily tired.

• Depression, the happiness hormone serotonin is decreased from poor absorption and some gluten products also interfere with the central nervous system thus increasing the risk of depression. A change in the gut microbiota, increasing the harmful ones and reducing the beneficial ones can predispose to depression.

• Anxiety- gluten intolerant individuals are more prone to the feelings of worry, nervousness, unease and agitation.

• Joint and muscle pain, from the malabsorption problem arising from gluten, vitamins like vitamin D, all the B complex vitamins and calcium are deficient and lead to weak bones called osteoporosis and over sensitive nervous system with tingling and numbness in the arms and legs

Gluten also block the absorption of nutrients which are needed in many important body functions including making good eggs, sperms and hormones thereby leading to infertility. At Martlife Detox Clinic we test for such food allergies and intolerances and coach you on life style changes for better heath