BATH COSMETICS:  HYDROTHERAPHY – 20mins plus 25mins rest, N20,000
Piroche bath cosmetics fully exploit the aromatherapy and cosmetic properties of essential oils to turn the bath into treatment. The outcome is an ideal blend of beauty and wellness. The bath cosmetics taken in the state of the art Avantgarde massage tub further increases circulation to the skin, abdominal organs, and reproductive organs

  • Piroche Cosmetics Bath Algae- remineralise, increase metabolism, and circulation
  • Piroche Cosmetiques Relaxing Bath- relax muscle and tissue stress
  • Piroche Cosmetiques Calming Bath- calm the body and mind
  • Piroche Cosmetiques Detoxing Bath- purify, detox ideal cellulite treatment
  • Piroche Cosmetiques Regenerating Bath- regenerate, purify and stimulate
  • Piroche Cosmetiques Energy Bath- tone and give new found energy
  • Piroche Cosmetiques Drawing Bath- remove water retention
  • Piroche Cosmetiques Purifying Bath- to reduce crystal build-up

Complete lymphatic drainage using a high pressure shower jet that is operated by a therapist in the tub. Thanks to this treatment more liquid and toxins can be eliminated from the body, so it is perfect for anyone with water retention. It has a revitalizing effect that is great to combat fatigue. It is also a slimming treatment.