Lyme disease is a tick-borne bacterial illness that is transmitted to a person when insects such as ticks bite the individual. For this reason, people who spend prolonged periods in the outdoors and stand a greater risk of being bitten may come down with lyme disease. Lyme disease symptoms often mimic those of other illnesses like malaria (e.g. fever, general muscle weakness, headaches, tiredness etc). This is why it is not often properly diagnosed in hospitals and can be left untreated in the sufferer for a long time. Chronic lyme disease can lead or contribute to the development of joint pains/ arthritis, heart problems, paralysis of facial muscles, severe headaches, memory problems, meningitis and difficulty managing other coexisting medical problems. The good news is, lyme disease is treatable. At Mart-Life Detox Clinic, bioenergetic testing can pick up lyme signatures if they exist. We recommend that treatment of lyme disease be undertaken during a medically-supervised Mayr detoxification programme, so that toxic substrates of treatment can be effectively eliminated from the system once and for all, and the immune system is further strengthened to provide natural protection through healthy nutrition and orthomolecular supplementation.