Medical Wellness

The bioenergy drainage method developed by Piroche Cosmetiques, combined with active substances contained in Piroche Cosmetics products, purifies the body of toxins that build up due to diet disorders, negative environmental disorders and stress. Only after purification is the body ready to absorb new precious substances.

Fasting, Detox, & Relaxing
Modern Mayr Medicine is based on the original Mayr cure, the famous detoxification program developed by Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr almost 100 years ago in Austria. The MART-Life Detox Clinic approach combines traditional and modern naturopathic healing methods, applied together with state of the art diagnostic procedures. This ensures that our guests receive only the best diagnostics, monitoring and therapy. Detoxification is the core of every treatment program, and great value is placed on the relaxation, thorough cleansing of the digestive system, and the change of nutrition habits.

Our team combine advanced modern international medicine with traditional healing methods, to build a strong immune system and increase energy levels. After treatment at MART-Life Detox Clinic, our guests look and feel amazing so naturally are happier and more confident. At MART-Life Detox Clinic we are dedicated to helping our guests in their quest for better health.

Modern Mayr Medicine as practiced by MART-Life Detox Clinic is a symbiosis of several natural therapeutic approaches. Diagnostics and therapy according to Mayr are combined with and complemented by Bio-energetic testing to ensure a fully customized treatment plan.

The analysis of the musculoskeletal system and biologic vitality indicators and the determination of the body’s levels of essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins all complement our diagnostic possibilities. All therapeutic applications are supported and intensified by the elimination of accumulated metabolic waste products, the balancing of levels of minerals, careful and targeted overheating (hyperthermia) and other biological processes that also include the balancing of emotional and spiritual self.

Natural healing relies heavily on the activation of our innate healing powers; our Modern Mayr medicine at MART-Life makes an ideal supporting programme for the astounding powers of the natural healing mechanism.


    By reducing the number of meals we consume and their content, through the way we prepare our food (light diet) and where applicable, by means of strict fasting (tea fasting, broth fasting), we ease the burden placed on our digestive system. However, it is equally important that you regard your modern Mayr therapy as a period of rest and relaxation. Just unwind and enjoy the therapeutic applications. Try as much as possible to leave the stress of your daily routine behind and reduce your consumption of information provided by TV, internet or telephone (mobile phones are not permitted in the dining room and treatment rooms). Switch off- literally and figuratively – and dedicate your energies to your health, your well-being, your stay at MART-Life.
    The intestinal tract is cleansed by means of bitter salts, Mart-Life base powder, Glauber’s salts or other saline waters that are consumed once a day or according to doctor’s orders. These salts gently cleanse the intestinal tract from the inside out, removing traces of undigested food and faeces. Enemas or colonic irrigation therapy may be used to cleanse the large intestine. As a second step, the body’s tissue is cleansed. Accumulated waste products are transported to the excretory organs via the lymphatic system and the blood and then removed naturally. This cleansing of the blood and the body’s other juices is what finally provides us with new strength and vitality. Plenty of fluids, dry brushing, hot and cold showers and exercise all support these detoxifying processes.
    The principle of learning how to help your body heal itself also includes learning to chew, a skill that can be acquired with proper training. Taking plenty of time over meals is just as important in this context as giving your body time to digest afterwards. Stopping to eat as soon as you have had enough and sticking to light meals at night, prepared in a gentle, easily digestible manner. Sometimes, self-discipline also means being able to say “No thank you!” – Especially after your therapy. The manual abdominal treatment according to Dr F.X. Mayr that is performed by your physician is also part of this learning process. It supports all digestive functions, helps detoxification and should be applied as often as possible – which is once a day during your stay with us. Being aware of the interactions and links between the individual components of our health help us to behave in a way that fosters our overall health and wellbeing. For this reason, we are keen to provide you with as much information as possible. We therefore urge you to attend our medical lectures and seminars. You can book for cooking courses; to help you bring together all the lifestyle principles we have discussed to make your own Nigerian cooking healthy and non-toxic.
    Experience has shown that it makes sense to take minerals, trace elements and vitamins according to individual requirements while receiving Modern Mayr therapy. Where applicable, we will recommend a lab analysis or perform further deeper testing with the Bio-energetic testing to determine your individual supplement requirements. Your therapeutic program, in particular with regard to the length of your stay and the various therapies you will undertake will be determined together with you at your initial examination with the doctor and on the basis of your medical records. Therapeutic success depends to a large extent on complying with our healing principles.


Manual abdominal treatment is a particular gentle, highly efficient therapy that stimulates excretion, supports the intestinal function and the most important digestive glands in all their function, leading to a noticeable decongestion of the abdomen and the lymphatic system. By improving breathing, oxygen intake is increased, providing each and every cell of the body with more oxygen. Manual abdominal treatment also helps to monitor the course of the treatment, ensuring that individually required adjustments can be made in time. Every guest receives this abdominal treatment as often as possible and as required.

The balance between fat, muscle mass and water plays a very special role within the body and the relation between these three components is essential in the evaluation of excess weight and general fitness levels. Weight loss according to Modern Mayr Therapy aims at reducing body fat while maintaining and strengthening muscle mass. Individually designed exercise is an important way to ensure this and to avoid excessive strain. Bio impedance analysis is a good way of monitoring this process.

Our intestines are not just responsible for absorbing nutrients, but also for eliminating waste products. This daily interplay may result in undesirable accumulations of waste products in the intestine. At the start of Modern Mayr Therapy at MART Life detox Clinic stands the cleansing and detoxification of the intestine’s excretory function. To strengthen this and support the detoxification process in the intestine, colonic irrigation is an excellent option. The treatment consists of water being flushed into the large intestine by means of a rectal tube to dissolve accumulated waste products. To support this process, the entire intestinal tract is gently massaged to encourage excretion in a gentle, yet highly efficient manner.

Colonic irrigation has proven to be highly effective with all sorts of therapeutic reactions such as headaches, migraines, nausea, muscular and joint pain. Furthermore, detoxification via the large intestine is stimulated, optimizing the success of your Modern Mayr Therapy.

Cranio-sacral therapy is a gentle manual treatment that is based on the fact that the head is connected to the sacrum via ligaments and gently encourages movement within this system. Life is movement – and gentle treatments in this region aim at improving motility while also promoting vitality and well-being. Cranio-sacral therapy is particularly effective with all disorders that negatively affect flexibility and the body’s natural rhythm, for instance typical disorders of the musculoskeletal system such as back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain or general muscular tension. Migraines, headaches and visual impairments may also be treated in this way. Cranio-sacral therapy also helps general relaxation as all organs are addressed via ligaments that link them to the cranio-sacral system, helping ease disorders of the inner organs.

The electrolysis foot bath helps eliminate toxins via the skin in a speedy, effective manner. An ionised saline solution promotes this elimination process.

Colours and light have a special role to play in our well-being. The colour light therapy improves all important regenerative components. By applying a special colour sequence in different intensities and rhythms, the physical rhythm that forms the basis of our health is also stabilized. Especially during times of excessive stress, our inner balance is affected. Colour light therapy is able to “synchronize” the interplay of breathing and heart function, making relaxation and regeneration possible. Colour light therapy is applied every other day.

In recent years, medicine was able to greatly expand its knowledge regarding the effects of free radicals and anti-oxidants. However, the exact function of these substances is still unclear, although they affect every stage of our metabolism.

Our body requires oxygen to produce energy for all our vital organs, especially the brain, the hormone system, our sensory organs and our muscles. Where a lot of energy is produced and used, this process may also entail dangerous side products which are the so-called free radicals. These are special oxygen components that are highly aggressive- quite literally radical. But they also benefit us in some ways, for instance by helping our immune system. If a virus invaded our body, we are able to muster up free radicals that will eliminate it in a targeted manner. However, this also shows the danger of free radicals: by killing off virus, they also destroy structures such as membranes or cells. If this power is directed against the body it will lead to signs of premature aging, wrinkles for instance, but the spectrum of damages ranges widely all the way to inflammations, cardiovascular disorders and even cancer.

For this reason, it is in the body’s best interest not to let these disadvantages escalate. We have protective mechanisms at hand that may protect us from the side effects of free radicals, neutralizing them as far as possible.
Among these protective factors are various enzyme systems, cholesterol, uric acid and many other metabolic products, but primarily a range of vitamins and trace elements such as vitamin C, vitamin E, beta- carotene and selenium. A good supply of these substances helps us protect ourselves from an excessive burden of free radicals.

Today, we are able to measure both the amount of free radicals and the protective factors that combat them through the Bio-energetic testing. Naturally, the levels of free radicals within our body should be low and those of the protective factors – our anti- oxidative capacity – should be high. If this balance is maintained, there should be no negative effects for our body. Modern Mayr Therapy aims at increasing our sense of well-being and joy in life via a healthier diet and life style. Naturally, for many people a ‘good figure’ and ideal weight play an essential role in this context, the latter being one of the best ‘side effect’ of Modern Mayr Therapy at MART Life Detox Clinic. By improving our eating habits while simultaneously detoxifying the body, fat is eliminated.

The skin is an important excretory organ as well as the mirror of a healthy metabolism. By using special bath extracts, we are able to stimulate detoxifications as well as improving overall state of our skin. A sensuous pleasure with a medical slant that focuses on the following areas:

  • NEUTRAL (fragrance-free) – detoxifying
  • FIR TREE – revitalizing
  • MOUNTAIN FRESHNESS – muscle relaxant (after training/exercise) refreshing

Our body has different mechanism at its disposal. One of them is a fever. By raising its temperature, the body stimulates the immune system and fights germs such as viruses, bacteria or parasites. Moderate hyperthermia as practiced at MART Life detox Clinic raises the body’s temperature to approximately 38.5oC, corresponding to a light fever. This stimulates our defence mechanism, trains the immune system and stimulates excretion. Moderate hyperthermia is able to lower blood pressure, reduce rheumatic disorders and stimulate the excretions of the supporting tissue. Furthermore, metabolic blockages – especially in the fatty tissue, supporting tissue and lymphatic system – may be removed, which has a positive effect on weight loss.

Life is movement. Standing still is incompatible with sustainable good health. Unfortunately, our modern-day lifestyle has made us forget how to move. A small comparison to illustrate this point: as hunters and gatherers, we had to complete about 20,000 steps a day to find sufficient food for staying alive. Today, we complete an average of just 2,000 steps a day. This lack of exercise is a risk factor that favours a wide range of illnesses and disorders. But excessive and incorrect exercise also leads us in the wrong direction: overstrained muscles, joints and metabolic disorders due to excess acidification and thus heightened risk of illness. For this reason, we are keen to guide you towards health-promoting exercise on the basis of your individual diagnostic results. We will draw up an activity programmed for you that will improve your health in the long term.

With or without equipment (tread-mill, bicycle, weights) help you ease disorders of the musculoskeletal system and improve your fitness levels and sense of well- being. A targeted exercise program is essential for any weight optimization attempts.

Minerals, trace elements and vitamins are important regulatory factors of our metabolism. Lifestyle-induced dietary mistakes and deficiencies associated with overstrain and the resulting increased consumption can cause a wide range of illness. To combat this development and provide fast, targeted relief, we have compiled special infusion blends that work quickly and are used to support liver detoxification, help with adrenal fatigue, histamine intolerance and many other indications.

Kneipp applications improve the overall regulation of the excretory functions and strengthen the cardiovascular system. The arms and/or feet are treated with alternating warm water.

Disorders of the musculoskeletal system are frequently at the root of pain. Manual diagnostics and associated therapies often work very well in this context. Blockages are dissolved quickly and gentle muscular treatments complement the process.

Reflex Zones can also be found in our nose. They may be stimulated with essential oils to unfold their healing effect on nasal disorders, sinus problems or disorders of the respiratory tract. Furthermore, reflex Zones can be stimulated to benefit the entire body and have a pronounced regulatory effect on the hormonal system.

Inhalations with an atomized saline solution and ionized oxygen free up the lungs and improve oxygen saturation in the blood. Improved gas exchange has a positive effect on performance. This application has a pronounced effect on chronic lung and sinus problems. It is also a very good antioxidant.

The acid- alkaline balance is an important regulatory principle of any sort of metabolism, not just of the human body, but anywhere in nature. The acid- alkaline correlation influences sickness and health and imbalances play an important part in the development of risk factors and lifestyle diseases.

The central regulation of the acid-alkaline balance takes place in the digestive tract –in the stomach, to be precise. It is here that the water, salt and carbonic acid combine to form saline acid and bicarbonate of soda. This is achieved with the help of a Zinc- containing enzyme. Gastric acid is essential for breaking up and drawing nutrients from our food as it initiates the digestion of protein. At the same time, bicarbonate of soda is released into the bloodstream and transported throughout the body. In the supporting tissue, it neutralizes accumulated acids (waste products), thus aiding de-acidification and detoxification. As a next step, great amounts of an alkaline secretion are formed in the liver, the pancreatic gland and the small intestine, where the acid chyme, the semi-fluid mass of half- digested food from the stomach, is neutralized. The circle thus closes and it is ensured that the digestive process itself can take place in an alkaline environment.

An imbalance in the acid- alkaline matrix, i.e. over- acidification, places a burden on the metabolism. The consequences, in addition to local disorders such as gastric, heartburn, acid reflux or even ulcers, may also entail general problems, ranging from practically all inflammatory disorders to joint inflammations, pain, increased risk of cardiovascular issues and other lifestyle diseases all the way to cancer.

As diet has an essential influence on our acid-alkaline balance, we must pay particular attention to it in this context. In principle, we distinguish between acidic or alkaline foods as well as foods that deprive the body of alkaline. In addition, our personal eating habits have an important role to play in the way our ingested food is metabolized.

Acidalkaline Meat, Fish, Vegetables, potatoes, CheeseMilk, creamPulses Citric fruitRipe, regional fruitsHot- pressed oils and animal fatsNative, cold- pressed vegetable oils industrially prepared foodHerbs, SpicesStimulants such as caffeine or alcohol?

It is important to ensure a balance proportion of acidic and alkaline foods. A proportion of approximately 1:2 in favour of alkaline foods is recommended. For this reason, acidic foods should always be combined with alkaline foods. If primarily alkaline foods (vegetable, fruit) are enjoyed at a time and in volumes that do not allow for complete digestion, an acidic metabolism is initiated through a fermentation process. For this reason, raw foods should not be consumed at night.

Another essential factor in de-acidification is a reasonable exercise regime, without over straining yourself. By breathing out carbonic acid, acidic substances are quickly excreted from the metabolism. By drinking acid-free fluids such as water, herbal teas, vegetable broth or still mineral water, we can support our acid- alkaline balance just as much as by taking alkaline powder or other essential minerals. However, the latter two should only be taken after consulting your physician.

Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that energy flows through the body in certain paths and rhythm. These energy paths – also referred to as meridians – run across our body and can be influenced via certain acupuncture points. In addition to classic acupuncture, the energy flow can also be treated by applying pressure with the hand, fingers or elbow. This technique is also known as shiatsu.

The energy flow can be blocked for a variety of reasons and thus be one of the roots of disorders and illness. Shiatsu makes sure that the life energy is once again able to flow freely through the body.

Shiatsu is a sensitive, gentle and at the same time highly effective treatment for activating our self- healing powers and resolving blockages. Imbalances of individual organ system are energetically adjusted, which also has a positive influence on our overall organ functions and the interplay of the individual organs.

During shiatsu therapy, you will remain fully clothed (comfortable clothing is recommended) and lie on a mat on the floor or massage lounger or remain seated.
Shiatsu is highly successful in treating exhaustion, sleeping disorders, a sluggish digestion, back pain, stiff joints, pregnancy problems, menstruation disorders and much more.

Special massages are an essential part of our Modern Mayr Therapy to treat different organs (muscles, supporting tissue, skin). In addition, inner organs can also be treated via the reflex Zones. Their interactions made apparent that can be important for further therapies. The focus of the individual techniques lies on the following areas.

    The blood flow of the skin is stimulated and its function as a detoxifying organ is enhanced. This is particularly important at the start of Modern Mayr Therapy.
    Our supporting tissue runs through ligaments throughout our body and has a key function in our muscular system. Much accumulated waste may be eliminated by means of targeted massages of the supporting tissue.
    The soles of our feet contain Zones for the entire body. Sensitive reflex Zones mirror the burden placed on a specific organ. By treating these Zones, the overall state of health of the corresponding organ can also be improved.
    A special massage of the head and the lymphatic system in this area. Particularly effective against headaches, migraines, sinus disorders and problems with the cervical spine.
    The spine is often where pain starts and ends. For this reason, spinal treatments are one of our key areas. The supporting tissue, reflex zones, segmental disorders and muscle tension are treated in a gentle, targeted manner.

Stress is the total of all external (environmental) and internal influences (from within the body) and our reaction to these influences. This is how Hans Selye, the founding father of stress research, defined stress. Stress comprises the entire regulation of the body, i.e. it is not just triggered by the outside world. Negative stressors, no matter where they come from, are treated the same way by the body. This means that we display a certain pattern in our reactions that is referred to as a fight-or-flight reaction. This characteristic process was originally intended to ensure our survival. In life-threatening situations, it was important for survival to be faster and/or stronger than our opponent, i.e. “fight-or-flight”. For both reactions, we required energy provided by the hormonal regulation of the adrenal gland. Once we survived – and that was all that counted – we recovered from the exertion, i.e. stress, to be ready for a new challenge.

In principle, our stress reactions still follow the same pattern today. However, we no longer take sufficient time for regeneration and recovery. As a consequence, our systems are overburdened and slowly, but surely steering towards total exhaustion, also referred to as burn-out. Game over. Now our body forces us into recovery and regeneration. But before it gets to that point, we should see how much more our body is capable of taking. The adrenal gland plays a central role in this. It is not easy to measure hormones directly as this entails an elaborate process that is not always practical. However, the effects of stress can be measured through the Bio-energetic testing. Which highlight whether you have acute or chronic stress helps us implement the correct therapeutic measures. Mineral supplements and appropriate stress management techniques support this process and help us get a grip on our stress burden.

Vitality refers to the age- and gender-specific functionality and state of health of a person while taking into account his or her body, soul, spirit and social environment. An exact description of a person’s state of health will always encompass all these areas. The MART-Life Vital Check is a computer-aided Bio-energetic examination of 45 vitality parameters in 40 major organ systems. Physical performance, sensory functions, mental flexibility and social competence are investigated in a playful, systematic manner. The biological age index tells us about the overall burden. Possibilities to improve and optimize vitality will be discussed in detail.

Yoga is a holistic path towards physical health, vitality, inner freedom and wisdom. Disharmonies, tensions and blockages in the body can be resolved to make way for a free flow of life energies. Specific physical and breathing exercises can set positive impulses in cases of asthma, menopausal issues, migraines, back ache, chronic stress, disorders of the fat metabolism and digestive problems.

This is an advanced form of treatment that uses infra-red heat to help the body to release natural endorphins to soothe pains and aches in the body. This process leads to relaxation of the body by promoting circulation, and accelerating the body’s healing process. A 30 minutes session loses as much calories and weight equivalent to running 6 miles.

SCENAR PROFESSIONAL (Self-Controlled Neuro-Adaptive Regulator)
Fast, Effective Pain Treatment
The SCENAR Pro is a hands-on treatment device that is highly effective in treating acute and chronic pain and can do much more…
Originally developed by scientists and doctors for the Russian space program, the SCENAR Pro is now being routinely used in hospitals by medical professionals and top athletes. The technology has been proven highly effective in relieving any pain, including neck and back pain, whiplash, aching joints, sports injuries, fractures, arthritis, RSI, headaches, IBS, and sciatica; as well as for lesions and cosmetic treatments. It has also been reported to increase energy, aid sleep, improve the sense of well-being and support immune function.

“SCENAR will completely change the face of medicine in the next 20 years” – Dr Keith Scott Mumby
“SCENAR is the most successful technology for the reduction of pain that I have used in 35 years in pain management” – Dr Mike Shapow, PhD
The SCENAR is one of the world’s most effective and versatile healthcare devices and is suitable for treating people of any age

SCENAR for Pain Conditions
The SCENAR Pro is a wire free, hand-held treatment device that enables healthcare professionals to work on pain by directly stimulating the natural adaptive processes of the body and nervous system, so that the body can heal itself.

The SCENAR Pro has proven to be effective in treating:

  • Chronic pain and inflammation conditions, such as arthritis or back pain
  • Acute pain conditions in muscles, tendons, joints and bones.

SCENAR Pro is probably the most advanced piece of technology available for pain treatment. By communicating with the nervous system, it stimulates the release of the body’s powerful natural pain-relief compounds and neuropeptides directly to the site of the pain, while accelerating the healing process. This natural regenerative effect has also been reported to improve immune function, aid restful sleep and increase energy levels. One of the things that make the SCENAR unique is that it constantly measures changes in resistance. It reacts to the feedback your body provides and alters the signal to produce a non-uniform stimulus as your body demands it. Additionally and crucially – the SCENAR stimulates the body’s C-fibres, which constitute about 85% of nerves.

This highly effective and safe means of treatment has rid countless people of chronic pain conditions that they had been led to believe that they should just accept; and removed many people from surgery waiting lists. The SCENAR wire-free hand-held natural pain treatment unit is now used by sports and fitness professionals and enthusiasts throughout the UK to relieve pain conditions such as: Sprains, strains and tweaks – SCENAR can be used for fast relief on muscular and tendon injuries

  • Chronic conditions, such as tennis elbow, back ache, and knee and shoulder troubles
  • Supports rehabilitation of injuries – can be used alongside traditional physiotherapy or rehab to reduce pain
  • Effective on bruises, fractures and breaks
  • Stimulation of the nervous system can improve recovery and performance

SCENAR works by communicating directly with your nervous system through your A-, B- and C-fibres. In this way, it stimulates the body’s natural healing ability along with the release of a powerful dose of neuropeptides – the body’s natural pain-relief pharmacy.

This is a computer based bioenergetics system that accesses 40 major organs in the body for any defect, weakness, and stress; and carries out a customized assessment of what remedies can be used to restore balance. The tests performed include a comprehensive body scan, food allergy sensitivity tests, and environmental sensitivity tests (Heavy metal and chemical burden). Several other tests can be done including nutritional deficiency and cancer screening panels.

How does the Bio-energetic Test work?
In order to allow us to assess your state of health in a comprehensive manner, our centre for Modern Mayr Medicine uses The Bio-energetic test. We consider this approach necessary and useful as conventional examinations, though perfectly suited for determining serious illnesses and pathologies; often fail to detect a wide range of more subtle complaints. For this reason, to arrive at a diagnosis we need an assessment method that takes into account the functional interplays of regulatory mechanisms. Bio-energetic testing is particularly effective in this context. The Bio-energetic test can sometimes be complemented with The Applied Kinesiology Tests.

The Bio-energetic screening system provides you with information about the energetic origins of your health challenges and, helps us to arrive faster at the appropriate solutions. This is done in moments, non-invasively and is the ultimate in truly personalized and effective health care and wellness. The Bio-energetic test Pro runs a response test on the meridian points connected to the major organ system which is called the baseline, and a comprehensive assessment from a database of tens of thousands of items to see what will help restore balance.

The test libraries include:

  • Energetic Status of 40 major organs
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Metabolic Disturbance
  • Dental Profile
  • Hormonal Profile
  • Parasites and Infections
  • Toxicity
  • Phenolic Sensitivity
  • Menstrual & Menopausal Problems
  • Emotional Stressors
  • Trace Minerals
  • Vertebral Profile
  • Miasm Influence
  • TMJ Stress
  • Constitutional Influence
  • Neurotransmitter Disturbance
  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • Food Sensitivity
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Cranial Suture
  • Dental Causation
  • Herbs
  • Heavy Metals
  • NAET and much more!