Head Chef

Abiodun Adedokun

Abiodun Adedokun is the head chef of Mart-Life Detox Clinic. He is an indigene of Oyo State. He has a Diploma in Catering and Hotel Management from Dof Institute of Catering and Hotel Management, Lagos. Abiodun is a world-class cook, as attested to by the many clients and patients who have been treated to his exceptional culinary skills during their stay at the clinic.

Abiodun is versed in the Mayr protocols of nutritive meal preparation, and has evolved meal preparation into an art form. Hygiene and a flare for order and tidiness are attributes that have served him well in his role as a master chef at the Mart-Life kitchen. Abiodun is cool headed, easy going and very hard working. He received the 2015 Mart-Life award for the Most Innovative Staff of the year.