Aerobics and Gym Trainer

Fortune Onwubiko

Onwubiko Fortune, studied Human Kinetics at the University of Lagos. Starting off in football during his childhood, he quickly earned himself a reputation as a formidable football player. To improve his performance in football, he started to participate in bodyweight training throughout his teenage years. However, he quickly reached a plateau because of his failure to follow a healthy nutrition plan, along with lifting weights that were beyond his capabilities. He then decided to study human kinetics in order to understand the concept of fitness in general. Once he started to build his knowledge of training and nutrition in the University, that all began to change – allowing his physique to take shape. He graduated as the best student amongst his peers and the second best student in his department. After hr took full advantage of his sporting beginnings, he has managed to build a successful career in fitness – becoming personal trainer, calisthenics dance instructor and an exercise therapist along the way. His hobbies are singing, dancing and travelling.